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SilzerLaw attorneys provide legal representation in matters involving U.S. immigration law.  The firm is directed by Scot A. Silzer, a Board Certified Attorney in Immigration and Nationality Law, with over two decades of practice in the field.

In-depth knowledge, education and experience allow SilzerLaw to assist clients to meet immigration challenges and resolve complex issues.

This expertise also enables our attorneys to assist clients in developing innovative strategic plans to meet immigration objectives, understanding the intricacies of qualification, avoiding pitfalls, and meeting specific timeframes involved.

Scot A. Silzer

Attorney at Law

Board Certified Immigration Attorney

Daniela Pulcini

Attorney at Law

Mayra Rodriguez-Arias

Attorney at Law


SilzerLaw: Knowledge, Experience and Professionalism


  • Strategic Thinking
  • Innovative Resolutions to Complex Issues
  • Reliable and Practical Legal Advice