An attorney consultation allows you to discuss issues or questions in a one-on-one conversation with an attorney. You can ask questions, seek advice or recommendations. The attorney will listen and respond based upon the information you provide and his expertise in the law. The information will only be helpful to you if you are truly honest in telling the facts and circumstances of your case. Without all the relevant facts, the attorney cannot accurately evaluate your situation and provide accurate information regarding plans of action and realistic outcomes. A consultation does not mean that the attorney has taken your case or is officially representing you in any matter. At the conclusion of the consultation, the attorney will determine whether the firm can legally and competently represent you based on the information you have provided. He will also explain cost of the representation. You are under no obligation to retain the firm after an initial consultation.

Attorneys charge for their time and advice based upon their training, experience and expertise in the law. SilzerLaw charges a flat fee for a consultation appointment that can last up to 45 minutes in length. If you need additional time to discuss your situation, an additional appointment can be scheduled that will require payment of an additional fee. If you retain SilzerLaw to represent you within 30 days of your initial consultation, we will apply the fee paid for the consultation as a credit toward the cost of the service. When you schedule a consultation appointment, our firm will send you an invoice with an online link for payment before the appointment date.

Yes. Although an initial consultation does not form an attorney-client relationship, your discussions with the attorney during a consultation are privileged and confidential so that they may properly evaluate your case.

When you schedule a consultation appointment, our Scheduling Coordinator will send you a brief online questionnaire to complete that provides basic information that will be helpful to the attorney. The questionnaire provides space for you to describe the situation that you wish to discuss When you return the questionnaire, you can upload any relevant documents (passport data page, current visa stamp, I-797s, RFE, decision, or other relevant documents). This will give the attorney access of vital information relevant to an evaluation of your situation. You should also make a list of all your questions and points of importance so that you can ensure that all are addressed in your consultation with the attorney.

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