Silzerlaw Chartered

The Firm

SilzerLaw is a law firm focused on representing clients in matters relating to U.S. immigration law. For over two decades, the firm has provided customized legal services to universities and colleges, emerging businesses and Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

We understand that immigration issues do not exist in a vacuum.  There are important business, economic, social and personal consequences that are directly impacted. Our firm takes a holistic approach to every case, discussing strategies and legal issues in the full context of the client’s overall objectives, goals and intentions.

The firm is committed to providing excellent service and personal attention to each client at reasonable and fair fees. SilzerLaw clients develop a special relationship with the firm that lasts longer than a single case. When we take on a new client, we do so with the expectation that the connection will be life-long. We take extra care to make sure we provide all the support our clients need to achieve not only their short term objectives, but their long term goals. We have represented many individuals all the way from their arrival in the United States as international students, to obtaining an H-1B for work, successfully obtaining labor certification, adjusting to permanent residency, obtaining US citizenship, and then petitioning for relatives abroad.

Since its inception, SilzerLaw has been active in supporting immigrant and human rights causes and the arts community around the world. We commit both financial support and volunteer services to international groups, and civic / community-based projects that support these ideals. We provide substantial pro bono legal services every year to assist clients who cannot afford legal services.

Our firm reflects the diversity of the communities and clients we serve. This provides us with the advantage of multiple perspectives along with understanding of cultural contexts. Members of the firm actively participate in various ethnic chambers of commerce and other cultural organizations. SilzerLaw also sponsors and participates in numerous events, festivals, and workshops for these organizations each year.

Finally, we believe immigration is good for America. Immigrants actively contribute to our country’s innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and industry. They enhance our country’s ability to compete in our globally connected world. We are honored to work in this field.