premium processing

A. Premium processing service (PPS) is an expedited service for certain employment-based applications. The PPS fee of $1000 guarantees a USCIS response within 15 calendar days. It does not guarantee an adjudication within that time period, only a response. If a Request for Evidence, Intent to Deny, or referral for a fraud investigation is made during the 15 days, the running time starts. Once a response is received, the 15 day count begins again. If no response is made within the 15 calendar days, the $2500 fee is refunded.

A. Yes. PPS does not have to be filed at the time a petition is filed with USCIS. PPS can be added to eligible petitions at any time. The 15-day clock starts as of the time the PPS application and fee are received by USCIS.

A. No, not at this time. PPS is only currently available for a limited group of petitions, including non-immigrant visa petitions for H-1B, P-1, O-1 and Immigrant Petitions based on Labor Certification.